Custom Manufacturing

Our biggest strength lies in our ability to customize reliable low-voltage products according to your functional, voltage, and shell requirements. Thanks to sophisticated design and production teams, we are confident in our abilities to provide OEM manufacturing services for a variety of time controllers and circuit protectors, including relays, timers, thermostats, phase failure protectors, and so on.

About Us

Wenzhou Giant Electrical Appliances Co. was established in 2000 and produces a wide range of low-voltage electrical equipment. Our products are sold under the TiTCHA® brand for use in the automation control of machine tools, communication equipment, household appliances, and office facilities. These high performance devices include electrical relays, time switches, power meters, and much more. All our products can be customized to ensure perfect compatibility with your equipment. Contact us today, and our design team can develop a production plan tailored specifically for your needs.